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Because the Night is a one-off art event. 21 participants board a dark ride built especially for the event in a south Tel Aviv hangar, and go on a journey through the misty and starry darkness of night. The journey in the train cars carries the passengers/participants into a world of animals and night creatures, ghosts and spacemen. Traveling between rooms and forests, planets and stars, the ride slowly builds up into an all-encompassing, mesmerizing experience that echoes contemporary realities and dreams.

Because the Night is an invitation to an extraordinary mystery tour, a total art and performance experience where we are pulled into the depths of night and fly into the future. A dark ride through a parallel universe.

Show/Ride duration: approx. 50 min.

Number of passengers: 21

Passengers must be over 12 years old to board the train.

Please note – latecomers will not be admitted!

Advance tickets are required. Tickets will not be available on-site.

The use of mobile phones during the show is strictly prohibited.

Address: 6 HaKishor Street, floor 1, Tel Aviv. (Near Shlabim Street, Bloomfield Stadium) Bus lines 1, 41, 42, 40, 172, 119

"Even if you seek high and low, you will not find such an experience anywhere else."

"It's a different experience. Stressful, creepy, strange,and very, very beautiful too."

Reut Barnea, Time Out

"An amusement park for adults,״

"A total experience that challenges everything we thought and all our expectations"

Vardit Gross / Kan Tarbut, Kan TV

Because the Night / A Dark Ride
By Guy Gutman and Gabi Kricheli, Ensemble 209
Participants: Shuli Enosh, May Aylon, Itamar Banai, Galia Pablichnko, Amit Tine, Inbar Buchbinder, Aviv Horovits, Yael Sofer

  • Director: Guy Gutman
  • Set, objects and costume design and construction: Gabi Kricheli
  • Planning and construction of locomotive and stars’ mechanism: Oded Rimon
  • Music and soundtrack: Guy Gutman
  • Sound and soundtrack design: Itzik Zohar Avizoor
  • Stage management and production: Inbal Hacker
  • Sound & Light management and operation: Alon Yarkoni, Luna Bellity
  • Space construction and installation: Nizan Shalev
  • Additional construction work: Mai Aylon
  • Stars’ electric power infrastructure: Bastien Gachet
  • Ensemble collaborator: Eynav Rosolio
  • Organizational accompaniment and consultation: Itzik Giuli
  • Graphic design: Nomi Geiger
  • Development: Meir Sadan
  • PR: Mira Ann Beinart
  • Digital campaign: Brief
  • With the assistance of Hazira

Acknowledgements: Thank you to the supporting organizations: the Ministry of Culture, Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality, Mifal Hapais, Tel Aviv Foundation, Marx Foundation. To Dr. Irit Fogel-Geva, Tzlilit ben Nevat, Hila Oren, Hazira, Amit Drori, Sagit Zur. To the School of Visual Theatre, Maya Levi, Sigal Nataf. to Tamar Raban, Eytan Ronel, Beni Kori, Yuval Rimon, Itzik Giuli, Itay Mautner. To Nomi, Ada and Dov, Tami and Lenny.